Chai tea with Oscar- Photography Gallery

I meet with Oscar roughly every 4-6 months. He is one of those people, one of those friends, whom you mightn’t see for some time, but you just always slot back in just so easily. I really love meeting up with him and his take on the world, and the interesting things he’s up to.

I think we connected over my love of Italy (Oscars parents are Italian), our mutual love of good cake and Oscar’s ability to introduce you to the best coffee shops around London, the hidden independents off the back streets. Thanks Oscar!

We didn’t peruse the gallery itself- I’m informed exhibitions are £4.00 per person (not too shabby!)

Oscar had a hot chocolate that was Italian style- thick and gloopy. I had a very nice Chai Tea and a chocolate tart. Just what was needed on a rainy London day.

Lovely vibe inside the café, and friendly staff- I look forward to returning to the gallery! It’s tucked away just behind Oxford Street, so an awesome location to meet friends and feel like you have gotten away from the hustle bustle of it all.

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