Hot chocolate and chat on a rainy London afternoon- with super Helen


I met the lovely Helen in 2016, in my 3 week backpacking tour around beautiful Spain. We coincided 3 times, but met first in Cortoba (later in Granda, and then Seville). She was probably one of the most special parts of my trip to be honest. You meet so many people, all wonderful and then you meet that special one or two who you really have a connection with. There’s something about Helen that almost makes me feel we met in another life to be honest.Β  I remember it taking me ages to find this particular hostel (agggges- apparently me and the map were not getting along too well that day!), gratefully unpacking in the cool clean dorm roomΒ  and setting myself up for the night, and then meeting Helen after her day of tourism around the city. Her tranquility, her striking blue eyes, her curiosity for life.

It has been agggges since we met in London- life has been so busy! Helen has just got back from an amazing 3 month tour around Africa with her brother, and we possibly haven’t caught up since 2016 and her initial arrival.

We met today at the gorgeous Rabot 1725, just by Borough Market, and sat for a while sipping two steaming hazelnut hot chocolates and demolishing two of their yummy cakes. The quality of the hot chocolate was amazing- rich and very much appreciated as we sat watching London lash down as much rain as it could muster. The staff were lovely- and super honest! Helen accidentally dropped a Β£10 and the super lovely barista searched the busy seating area to find her to give it back.

Rabot was perfect for this girlie catch up at the start of a New Year, both busy but intimate at the same time. We discussed our various goings ons, both preceding and forthcoming and I was inspired by the amount of travel Helen put away in 2017- truly brilliant!

I’m going to make a special note of the fact Helen’s visa will expire in June and she will likely have to make tracks back to Australia. This is sad times! But I think I have a friend for life πŸ™‚ And that’s special.

To get some of the best hot chocolate London has to offer, in the beautiful setting of Borough Market check out the website here for further details :Β

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