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My mum came up from the day for us to take a much overdue trip, specifically really to see the Princess Di exhibit and her wonderful dresses, and spend some time together. We are not Royalists but loved Diana and in 1997 when she died, mum took us to London with a friend for the day of her funeral. Something you would never forget as a 14 year old. Therefore, today was always going to be a special trip for us and we looked forward to it.

Today has to be the coldest day for quite some time, but lovely and bright.We were last at Kensington Palace together around 2010, for a trip for afternoon tea at the Orangery with mums friend.

I bought the tickets for today online. £15.50 for an adult and £12.30 for concession (full time students or adults over 60). I would say it was well worth the money. We were there for around 3 hours and stopped half way for a cup of tea and cake. Lovely cups of tea and good cake I must say! Just over £10.00 for 2 x teas and a muffin and a Danish.

The building and its history are just exquisite, with plenty of wow moments. I didn’t know that Victoria lived there as a little girl for instance, and the love story documented between Victoria and Albert is very touching. The Palace is divided into the Stuarts and their reign, Queen Victoria and Princess Diana. It’s a very easy to follow route, disabled friendly (my mum has a stick so we have to avoid stairs, and there were other guests there in wheelchairs), and the nicest staff ever from the cloakroom staff to the guides in every room, so approachable for questions

Link to Kensington Palace website here:

Seeing the Diana dresses up close, the video footage of her work and amazing quotes highlighting the kind and compassionate individual she was, was sad but more than anything inspiring. How do you want to be remembered? Diana has certainly left a positive legacy behind her.

Fashion wise: the dress she wore when dancing with John Travolta was there. Catherine Walker and the Versace dresses were my favourite. It was a beautiful, beautiful  tribute. When you see the variety and style of the numerous dresses Diana wowed the public with, you understand quite Prince Williams suggestion that Princess Di should auction some of these exquisite dresses for a charity close to her, the National Aids Trust.  If anything, she was more like Hollywood royalty and she has left a real legacy in her human kindness, her humanitarian aid work, as well as her timeless and effortless style.


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