Surgery at Guys Hospital


Flowers sent from my dear friend Franny

I had turbinoplasty surgery on the 12th February and am sat here on the 16th February, after a few days of bleeding, with a big bruise on my left hand from the cannula, and just a few days of feeling cooped up indoors, wondering if the surgery has actually worked.

The purpose of the surgery is so that I can breathe through both nostrils, instead of relying so heavily on breathing through my mouth. It wasn’t exactly life or death surgery. But London is a highly polluted city, and its not exactly healthy breathing in through your mouth all the time. I pick up a high level of colds and rides infections constantly. So we will see what happens, but already post op I’m aware that breathing through my nose causes me to have to open my mouth to get in airflow, as not enough is coming in through my nasal passages. And being still and resting is not my strong suit and I have 2 weeks off of work to rest and ensure the inflammation reduces, no infections are picked up, and I simply give everything a chance to heal. Ruben is reminding me to stay positive!

I can’t fault the team at Guys Hospital who were truly amazing. I have never had any surgery, and was scared at the idea of the general anaesthesia. They were all amazing, and it truly is amazing what we can (still) get available on the NHS.  The anaesthesia trickling in was funny- it hurt like a thousand times weight of pins and needles! But I awoke from the surgery somewhere before 1pm, as bright and chipper as anything- and keen to leave. My good friend Sanjay took a day off to come and be with me and be my “chaperone” home. And brought me orange juice, chocolate and a banana, and was just with me. And my love cooked for me and went through the instructions with me of aftercare. I took a walk to Tesco today. It’s just 5 minutes from my house, but the air was biting and my nose was bleeding by the time I arrived. So I’ve got to be patient and allow more healing to happen! But want to give my gratitude again to Dr Surda and all the team who worked with him. You were the best, and I had a great first time patient experience. I just can’t get over what we get on the NHS- and how this may be taken away.

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