Preparing for a vintage night

Oohhhhhh goodness. Whilst I’m convalescing, someone asked for my advice on where to shop for a forthcoming 20’s night and it has sparked me to settle down for the evening,and write this post. This is one of my absolute favourite topics and therefore a pleasure to write. I’m delighted to summarise all of the vintage fodder material I have been happily collecting a few years now! If you are going anywhere forthcoming, I am so happy for you. I love a good vintage evening! The dress up, the play-acting, the cocktails, the glamour! Never been? I thoroughly recommend you grab a group of mates and go. You will have the BEST time. I’ve never met anyone who’s been who hasn’t.

Some of my key favourites have been via the company Bourne and Hollingworth, who are London based and fabulous at organising a great event.  As well as doing bottomless brunches, which I have been told by friends are amazing, they organise the infamous London based parties “Prohibition” (1920’s themed), the “Blitz” (1940’s) and the Dark Circus party, to name but a few. The Chap Olympiad is a day time festival of all things English and eccentric, where the dandys and the gentlemen and women come out in all their finery, and I have never laughed so hard. It’s marked for July this year, but no set date yet- definitely one to watch out for. So, if you are in London and new to these events, I’d recommend you to start here. I have personally experienced the Blitz (twice), the Prohibition night and the Chap. They were all fantastic- honestly, I can’t fault them, (just the limited willpower I had at drinking cocktails on one of these said night with my good friend and wing woman, Sian!) The Blitz actually lay on their own hairdressers, or did the 2 times I went, so might be worth confirming this before going as even with a tip for the lovely hair ladies, that is going to save you a pretty packet!

Another popular 1920’s night is the Candlelight Club. I went once with friends a couple of years ago, and we are going again in March this year. I think I do prefer to Bourne and Hollingworth events if I am honest, as I really enjoy the venues they use (often happens to be the Vaults under Waterloo which are just so atmospheric). Nonetheless, Candlelight Club will offer bands, dancing and entertainers to get you feeling in the 20’s mood.

Of course, if you want to be taken further than these splendid evenings and fancy a taste of an immersive night, I am assured that the Great Gatsby event is pretty amazing. It’s £39 a head, you learn the Charleston, get to dress up Daisy or Jay himself, and is available in London (Borough tube station area) until July 2018  It’s on my agenda- see you there 😉

My best friend Ricardo and I at Prohibition, September 2017

My key search engines and recommendations for a jolly good vintage event, as mentioned above:


Bourne and Hollingworth:

Cahoots: drinking cocktails in a 1940s style train? Yes please!!

Candlelight Club:

Hair (services I have actually used for vintage hair styling)

The Painted Lady  Vintage styling ranges between £25 and £75

Rockalily cuts  £40

Fashion inspiration- 1920s themed

Frock and Frill, flapper dresses galore. Pricey but beautiful and top quality garments

Little Black Dress, Lots of modern dresses but also dresses that can be tweaked to suit the night

Rock My Vintage, you’ll often find flapper dresses from Frock and Frill reduced here. Love love love this website.

Fashion and inspiration- 1940’s themed- get ready, I have lots. Curse of being a (practising) swing dancer and loving the dress up that comes with it! Learning to say no but ready to share these exquisite gems:

Vivien of Holloway– expensive but if you join a FB group or search ebay, always cheaper finds

Seamstress of Bloomsbury– expensive but beautiful


The House of Foxy–

Rocknromance– will sell Seamstress of Bloomsbury items cheaper

Pretty Kitty Fashion-



Elsies Attic:

Bitter Roots Vintage– I mention them although I have never used them, but covet them completely. They are a US brand, and if you sign up to their newsletter (as I have) their are discounts all the time

If you’re going out, and discover new places both venue and dressing up wise in London, feel free to email and let me know! Plus, I always love a good photo 😀 Have fun!!






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