Prohibition: the best 1920’s party

This has been one of my most favourite nights out in London. On this occasion just me and good friend of mine, dressing up and having fun- what could be better?

If you have read my post “Preparing for a vintage night in London”, you’ll know the background and event organiser to this event. I thoroughly recommend you link up to the Bourne and Hollingworth facebook page, as they not only offer these evening events but unique day time events too, and if you check out that post it gives you some good dressing up recommendations of mine, if required! With the revival of films such as “The Great Gatsby” and interest in vintage periods such as the 1920’s, getting yourself to vintage events such as this one has never been more easy, or as fun. Part of the allure, I think, is the attention to detail the ladies and gentleman of the period paid to their finery, and part of the wow factor of these events is seeing the most glamourous and carefully thought costumes put together.

The event itself was based in the Waterloo Vaults which is such an atmospheric venue and perfect for an underground “Prohibition” speakeasy night.  It offered a “casino” room (see photos below) and you are provided with dollars at the entrance which was fun. We didn’t use these, but did have fun watching. There are several live bands providing music from the era to get you in the mood. There was also some swing dancing from Swing Patrol Dancers which was pretty awesome to watch!! Drinks are standard London prices- there are cocktails there for around £10, but also spirits and beers that are cheaper. The ticket for the night was £25 per person, and I think we didn’t spend more than £25 each when there. I love the Vaults in particular, because you just feel like you’re a world away from everything, and it really does lend itself well to this era  of secrecy. I’m always sorry when 2am comes!

The costume: I bought my headband (like the one Daisy wore in “The Great Gatsby”) for around £10 from Ebay. My dress was bought from Ebay for £35.00 ( an original Frock and Frill dress which retails at around £135, new with tags on, a real bargain and beautiful dress) and my shoes were short silver sandals I had worn for a wedding some years prior, some recycling! I also bought the most beautiful reproduction art-deco bag for around £13, also from Ebay. Good old Ebay, eh! My hair was curled and put up at the Painted Lady in Shoreditch and at the time I think it was £35. I could probably do it myself now, I have been to enough of these!!

The next Prohibition event is April 21st 2018 and tickets are now on sale from £30 for the general admission, or £45 to include a one hour dance class prior to the event with Swing Patrol, who are awesome!! If you go, I think you’ll truly love it and it could mark a very special birthday or simply a great evening with friends 🙂


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