Blogging: the basics!


Just to tell you of my own entry into blogging. As you know, this blog is very new, started just in February this year! I decided to start blogging when I met blogger, the lovely Ellie Quinn (check out quite randomly on the walk from the tube station last September 2017, when we were about to commence the Wanderlust mindfulness triatholon session at Victoria Park (also totally recommend this event by the way, if you like yoga, running and meditation!) I can’t remember how she told me what she did with her blog. But we swapped details and the result, is this!

To be honest, I didn’t know much about blogging before. I had never thought about it. For those of you that only know me in connection to my last few years of working life (public sector and health and social care related) my first degree included aspects of media and journalism, and my MA in Radio too, so I’ve always enjoyed writing, taking photographs and have loved travelling since a child. My first work ambition at that point was to present on the radio. Things changed, but I think the underpinning elements of my enjoyment for meeting others, being creative, travel and photography remained. I kind of wish I had come into this a few years ago, but I guess things come into your life when they are meant to, and that is what has happened here! I decided that if nothing else, blogging would be a fun way of documenting the fun events I enjoy and get up to in London 🙂 That aspect of it is quite lovely.

Ellie really helpfully connected me to another blogger Lucy ( who runs amazing podcasts called “What She Said” and I recommend that if like me you are thinking “how on earth do i start?” that you totally listen to those. They cover every little question you might be thinking of. Lucy is so honest and it’s a real down to earth and realistic way to think about the how’s what’s and whys to starting off (I’ve got a “hint” list written down from Lucy’s podcasts!).  Many bloggers include “handy hints” sections on how to start off and what you might need to consider. I also read on Julie Falconer’s site that she presented talks on the blogging process and decided to attend the “Blogging basics” workshops with her (I went this week- I recommend if you haven’t started or are in the initial throes!)

Here are my top tips, from what I have learned so far: 

  • You should post a blog at least once a week. Julie told us she actually got up an hour earlier every day to spend time on her blog! That is amazing. At the moment I am probably just spending a couple hours a week- note to self…! Any less and you will lose the attention of readers.
  • Patience. You have to be persistent, consistent and have patience. You can’t just post photos and instantly expect 5,000 followers. Things take time to cultivate and grow.
  • Consider your “about” page carefully! It’s one of the most highly viewed pages, and people like to know who it is they are connecting with.
  • Consider having 10-20 blog posts before starting to advertise your blog. That way you have enough on your site, to bring people back, rather than it appearing the site is half empty.
  • If you like what I am writing and think you would like a blog with a similar approach, check out sites such as,, and These people are doing it and doing it well, and you can learn from their posting, writing and advice on how to get started.
  • Listen to “What she said” on Podcast. It is brilliant!!
  • Good sized photos, quality posts and having keywords in the post can help when people are searching for a blog.
  • Social media will of course help you advertise. Facebook, Instagram and Pininterest should be your friends!
  • Try not to get too carried away by the “likes”.  It’s nice, but I got a bit obsessed there for a week or so and it reduced the fun of it! (whilst I appreciate that if you want to make a proper go of this, you do need followers!)

So far, so good, I love the little connections and keeping a record and sharing of ideas: it’s fun. It definitely takes work, and time. Maybe it will lead somewhere, maybe it won’t; I guess we will see won’t we? I would be really interested if you have started blogging, on how it’s going? It’s certainly interesting finding out about others paths and journeys!!

Happy writing!! 🙂


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