Skincare on a budget: why expensive doesn’t have to mean better

I have wanted to engage more fully in the world of skin care (and women being scammed for pretty packaging- haha) for sometime.  It appeared to intrigue but not include me, and many others. The truth of the matter was, yes I could buy a pot of cream for £35+ but just ONE from the range, and probably only once or twice that year. “Good products last a long time” I hear. Not necessarily true. Therefore my “skin care routine” has relied more on occasional higher brand purchase and cheaper watered down high-street alternatives promising it all, but more than not, failing to deliver more than a pleasant scent. And when I did branch out for more expensive skincare, I wasn’t necessarily always that enamoured with it either. I have certainly loved some higher end products, but I don’t believe that more expensive always means “better”, and getting it wrong when it’s ++ pennies obviously hurts more than when it’s just a few pounds. It’s a murky skincare world out there!  It seems as a woman that quality comes with a price tag and that seems expected in todays society, but its still rather unfair!

So! At the same time that all this confused, mismatched and indecisive skin care has been taking place, my skin is getting older, and redder! I have pink undertones and at 36, am constantly asked why I am red! Being super fair and prone to burning, I have “generally” taken care in the sun but was a child of the 80’s, where sunscreen wasn’t a third as important as it is now. And despite my white skin glaring up at me and the numerous evidence of all the burnings, I still do this delusional thing where I believe I can be like my olive skinned comrades or boyfriend. Having travelled in hotter climates like Vietnam, Australia and NZ, and recent backpacking in summer months around Spain and Europe I can’t always say I was super, super diligent careful about protection on my face. Hence therefore the rosy complex I have now I am presuming- silly, silly me!

I’d begun using French brands last year. The French get beauty and looking after oneself well, right? Also encouraged by the fact that Boots often offers 3 for 2 deals on Eau Avene and La Roche Posay. I had bought a beautiful serum from Eau Avene, as part of this offer, and was so delighted. It was beautiful and I could see the difference on my face. However, as oft happens when you find something you love, the ingredients changed and I don’t see the same results when I use it.

Then (and this has been a game changer, I’ll be honest) I was randomly reading a bloggers post who advised she was using a product from “The Ordinary” Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5. I clicked on the link provided, and saw it said £5.90. I saw all the awards, and the clear information and scientific breakdown of this and all their other products. And assumed the price was a typo! I clicked back on the link 3-4 times and checked the price range of their other products before it sank in- this was CORRECT. £5.90 for this product (30ml) and many others like it. For those in the UK, order more than £25 and the postage is free. I am sure, like with anything, that you will get products that don’t suit you/don’t work as well. But with most of them being around the same price as the above, you wouldn’t mind as much it not working out. I’m just a few days in trialling a few of their products- and I’m really happy. If, like me, you are totally overwhelmed with all the products, what to choose, and how to bring this into your routine, just drop them an email. They got back to me in a couple of days and recommended a few products for the issues I was advising. They advise to introduce just one product at a time and to patch test on a small area of your skin before using. In future I’ll tell you exactly what I am using and why, what I have been happy with and what hasn’t worked out.  For now: have a look directly at . It is an amazing site!!

Regarding cleaners and moisturisers; I’ve recently been using products from “Super Facialist”, which can be found at Boots. An old housemate introduced me as she said the oil was lovely to wash your face with and leaves your skin feeling wonderful. Boots (good old Boots!) are currently running an offer on these for a third off, and periodically run these offers, making this line very affordable. I have the “Super Facialist Vitamin C and Skin Cleansing Oil” and the “Vitamin C Sleep and Reveal Night Cream”. I highly recommend both (On offer at £7.99 and £11.99 respectively). Super lovely smelling, leaving your skin lovely and soft and super affordable. Find more information here:

In short, I feel really happy for my skin and my budget, and happy for women worldwide! There has been a dearth of affordable AND quality skincare products, and good skin care doesn’t need to be exclusive or as exploitative as it has been. It’s about time, and just brilliant to have options! 🙂

If you have been using The Ordinary products, or have any other affordable but quality products to recommend, please feel free to share! Happy Sunday all x

2 thoughts on “Skincare on a budget: why expensive doesn’t have to mean better

  1. Fantastic insight into the minefield of skincare for us woman Clare, there really is so much choice out there to cater for all types of skins and it can be a case of trial and error to find what suits. I also agree that paying for expensive brands doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better product. I’m a huge fan of Boots also and they have a wide choice available xxx

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