What I’d like to embrace in 2018

Manifestation appears a hot topic in the blogging community at the moment and not to be one to jump on the band wagon, it’s certainly something that resonates at the moment, and is on my mind very often, out-there sounding or not! At the same time as being a productive person and setting many personal targets to work towards which I have achieved, I have conversely also struggled at times with patience and commitment to a task. Fear you see has sometimes gotten the better of me and I’ve nipped out of the game early, with excuses, rather than fully immerse myself and be held accountable if I failed. As Brendon Burchard said in the book I reviewed on here earlier this year, positive thinking is not enough to be successful, it’s the habits which form daily action. And as my friend Ellie of thewanderingquinn advises, in her excellent post on the power of manifestation, writing down ones goals makes us accountable. This in itself is a bit daunting to me, let alone making this list public to the blogging world, but here goes. Life has been very generous with me lately and I’d like to have 2018 include more of the joy I believe is there for us all. The following therefore includes a list of personal goals and life goals.

  1. Recognising the things I do and am doing well. More, more and more is no good if you don’t stop to appreciate who you are, what you have already achieved and what you already have. There is a fine balance between understanding that whilst development is a key part of the human psyche, If your inner self is half full, topping it up with external wins will only last a short while, and when the high wears off you’ll be back to feeling empty again. It’s not always a balance I get right I hasten to add, but it’s something I am acutely aware of. I’m flawed,  I get things wrong, but I try and I am willing. Sometimes I write daily gratitude lists, but I’m also finding that writing the blogs is helping remind me of the key loves and joys in my life and how things are progressing.
  2. More dancing. I’m saying more dancing with recognition that this isn’t to give myself targets so to speak but because I enjoy it so much, and it’s fallen to the wayside. Probably in part since my dayjob means I get up super early and I have less energy to go back out for classes during the week. I’m also aware that part of my stopping of dancing has been to do with fear and that really if I am going to be quite honest I haven’t given it my best shot, for fear of being judged. How crazy is that? Judged by who, the UK dance committee?! Why do I care? But I do care, I care very much, and it’s this level of insecurity I’d like to work on. I think attending a swing lesson once a week should be reasonable and achievable. I used to be a fairly decent dancer but regardless of any comment on my level it’s simply a beautiful and joyful skill to have.
  3. More language learning.  You see, my longer term aims are to work with Ruben in his business and therefore, I need to have my Spanish to a fairly good level and also I would love to bring my German up to speed. We have been together for nearly 2 years and I have been dabbling for a year, but am a rather undisciplined learner. I think I have been engaging in fitness a lot (umm- although maybe not VERY recently!) and my job, seeing friends and enjoying London, but not a lot else. This skill would be part of my future. I wasn’t ever bad at languages, quite good at German which I learned from primary school to A’Level,  and I would bloody love to be able to readily converse. I just need more consistency. Babbel has been a bloody useful app that I use via my laptop: I just need to use more of it!
  4. Continue to give my self the permission to back away from things that are not meant for me, in any respect, and love the ones who love me and treat me well. This is huge. As a soft and people pleaser person, saying “enough” and stepping back takes a while for me. I want my life to be full of the love my good friends and special family members bring, and remind myself I don’t deserve any less.
  5. More fitness training and looking after myself holistically. Well I’ve signed up to the Royal Parks Half Marathon again, to fund raise with Mencap! My friend Ricky ran his half for London Landmarks recently and smashed it. I couldn’t resist and signed up for Mencap later that week! I’ve also got Soul Circus in the Cotswolds in August and I am going alone- again inspired by Ellie (thank you Ellie). I can’t wait!
  6. Being with people who make me feel excited! I have so many friends that I am awed by, inspired by, who I want to put on my inspiration page here! Watch this space- high five for friend appreciation!
  7. Blogging once a week. It doesn’t take me long to write to be honest, and whilst Ruben chills with Netflix, I quite like to get my thoughts down on paper (so to speak!) Not being afraid to include personal journal entries like this one, where I deal with the subject of fear and hold myself accountable. Submitting entries in time to the Lonely Planet (Pathfinders scheme which encourages entries from travel bloggers- I appreciate I’m not doing a great deal of travel in 2018 but I’ll still submit from my planned trips to Paris and Cadiz later this year, and would they take a blog on Manchester?!?) and getting a handle on social media platforms. Meeting other bloggers on the 8th April (my birthday!) which will be exciting and lovely to start building a little community. I am reading inspirational blogs and loving my beginnings in the blogging world.
    I’m including this photo as one of my favourite photos ever, taken by my friend and supreme photographer Christiana Helen Perry  (christianahelenperry.wordpress.com) It’s one that inspires me. It brings back SUCH happy memories, from Twinwoods vintage festival 2015. All I could think about was dancing at the time. I just love the swish and the movement in the photo, and how alive I felt when it was taken. I’m going to bring that feeling back!!!

    Hope you enjoyed my ramblings! What brings you joy, and what do you plan to manifest for yourself this year?

2 thoughts on “What I’d like to embrace in 2018

  1. Loving reading your blog, it’s great getting email alerts to let me know you have a new blog. Keep them coming you are quite inspirational!!!!

    Love Shirley :0)


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