“Because we are all mysterious works of chance”- my review of Orphan Black

I’m an Orphan Black fan girl. Bit late to the party I appreciate seeing as the series ran from 2013-2017 and I only found out it existed February this year! I haven’t been THIS intrigued by a series since Desperate Housewives first began in 2004, and I wrote about that in a cultural studies essay as a student at university. I feel like maybe everyone knows about this series already so don’t want to patronize with too much detail for those of you who do, but for those of you who haven’t watched it, it’s in a nutshell about a girl called Sarah who randomly uncovers that she is one of a group of clones. As the series develop, it’s about her and her sisters fight and resistance against the dark forces going on around them as their lives are closely monitored.

The title of this post was actually inspired by Sarah’s brother Felix, who in Series 5 puts together an art show with the varying personalities of the 4 key characters (Sarah and her sisters; Helena, Cosima and Alison) represented. This quote says so much about the pivotal characters in the show, the “clone sisters” who are connected by DNA but all so, so different based on the different options, opportunities and upbringings they had, and the choices they make as adults. That we are all mysterious works of chance says so much about you and I, and the entire human race; mind boggling and fascinating. The series showcases strong female characters who know who they are and own it, without apology. No woman here is asking a man what they should do, which I totally love.

My favourite has to be Helena, who starts off as a delusional, unstable killer, and becomes a loving mother of twin boys by the end of her series. Helena is special, not least for her crazy one liners that have made me laugh the whole way through, her love of happy 60’s music which she sings to out of tune (and louder, if criticised) and for her fierce loyalty to her sisters, but for her balancing a child like fragility with instinctual warrior strength and attitude as required (plus a little aggression for good measure). She’s something else and kind of amazing!

This show reinforces the idea that having something worth fighting for is what drives the human spirit. That new beginnings and possibilities are totally worth fighting for. That in upmost fear, there can be upmost strength. Finishing Orphan Black therefore took me to a happy place of 1) anything is possible with hard work and determination 2) connections are what makes our place in this world special 3) love and laugher are good for the SOUL.

Orphan Black may have focused initially on its subject of clones and the monitors who seek to control them, but its key underpinnings serve to remind us simply that life can be a struggle but beautiful at the same time, and that it’s our responses to the struggle that make living truly worth it.Β 

If you haven’t watched it yet and if you can’t guess already, I TOTALLY recommend! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did πŸ™‚

All series available on Netflix.







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