My weekly inspirations

Today is a much needed day off after working the Easter weekend and bank holiday. I always tell myself I’ll be super productive and have all these amazing things ticked off. The reality is that I hit snooze several times, mooched with a very beautiful cup of tea as mentioned below, surfed the net and then realised I was running late for an appointment! So much time to so little time- bam! There doesn’t always need to be this demand to be super productive though; as in, there does in my head, and it’s something I am trying to get better at. Everyone needs their downtime, their quiet time! I’ve still got lots done, it’s just not been in the super-woman way I was unfairly demanding it to be! And it’s during these moments of quietness I catch up with the great things that are inspiring me in my life at the moment! Here’s a few lovely things on the list:

  1. Heard of Yoga Girl? I hadn’t, until very recently! First of all, it’s not all about yoga, so don’t let that put you off! Rachel Brathen talks about all subjects and is real and personable. It’s deep, meaningful and spiritual stuff. She’s so honest, and just 2 episodes in, I love her for that. Find the “From the Heart” series on podcast. Loving the #metoo episode and her deep and meaningful podcast with her mum and their sincere honesty and love for one another. I love that Rachel doesn’t pretend everything is perfect and is really open about that.
  2. Latest blog site readings: wowed by the content and design of the following sites, which I really recommend. So, so much good posts to read and so carefully put together.Β  If you haven’t read or, then you should. Also lovingΒ me& (amazing podcasts)Β and They give me food for thoughts and just sheer admiration for what they have and are creating. I have no idea how many if not all of these ladies created such beautiful sites! I love it.
  3. Days off with a cup of tea from Good and Proper and deciding between the lovely loose tea we’ve chosen! They make it a perfect lazy morning as per THIS morning πŸ™‚ I’m normally all about a teabag, but on a day off you can just go with the flow more, and Good and Proper teas are gorgeous. I love this London based tea company and their humble beginnings and friendly vibes.IMG_0506.jpg
  4. My friend and yogi Claire Matthews. Former actor and dancer, current yogi, swing dancer, more, and all round super-human. Her strength, flexibility and dedication to #yogaeverydamnday is brilliant and I admire it so much. (And I heart anyone who does anything everyday) Struggling at the moment with my own exercise routine and inspired by Claire’s posts. Find her and enjoy her on Instagram: Ilama Soares.
  5. Skincare rituals (my skincare ritual specifically! and just rituals in general) I am following through with my commitment to great products from The Ordinary to hydrate and nourish my skin, and am following up every morning with a factor 50 from La Roche Posay. Evening time I do the same again and use the Superfacialist, as pictured below! You have to find the products which work best for you, and as previously discussed it is just great that these don’t always have to be pricey. I think the guys at The Ordinary have done an amazing job!IMG_0511.jpg
  6. And finally, individuals, (as my boyfriend below) who are studying or doing something extra on top of a full time job, to better their situation. That takes a lot of determination and drive. Come rain or shine, 4 hours sleep or not, Ruben is studying…and it reminders like this certainly challenges some of the excuses I make. And that reminds me, I did promise myself I would learn some Spanish today! Umm…IMG_0491.jpg


I think inspiration helps to make us happy and bring us joy, or strive to be the best version of ourselves we can. What is inspiring you today? πŸ™‚ xx

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