Celebrating good friends

I feel like I should have a category on here called “Inspirational people” as there are so many in my life, and slotting these blog posts into “Daily inspiration” doesn’t quite seem right!

I met Shirley when we were studying Occupational Therapy at London South Bank University, just a few short years ago. I am pretty sure we would have spoken during group work during that time, but we were in different factions (I was full time and Shirley was studying part time, already employed by the NHS) and so, being as busy as we were our paths never really crossed. Roll on 2017 and being in the same department, in the same hospital and my meeting of one of the loveliest people you could ever meet. That’s quite a broad word, I appreciate and could sound just a bit gushy. I’ll qualify it- wait a mo! There are just so many fab qualities about Shirley and she has shown me so much unconditional friendship and love, which I just love her for. She has the patience of a saint, always tries to help if you need it and is super generous to share the amazing knowledge she has. As well as being very intelligent with a confidence I so admire, Shirley is very funny, but also very sensitive and therefore also a great sound board to discuss life or general ideas with. If life is short, as we know it is, it’s important not only to have, but to appreciate the good people around us, and I am so appreciative of the fact we connected in the way we have. Her new Trust are SUPER lucky she is with them, they have hit a real gem there.

And hence this event and the sharing of these photos! This was Shirley’s leaving day at the Trust and our going out to celebrate what a huge friend Shirley has been to me during the last few months and no doubt will continue to be.

What we did: We took in some happy hour cocktails at Bar Soho (£5 for a large variety of drinks- certainly got us merry!), walked to Thai Metro on Charlotte Street and had some amazing mussamon curries (I highly recommend this restaurant! Family run and I get a tofu mussamon every time I go!) and then watched the fabulous Dream Girls at the Savoy Theatre. We basically took in some of London’s best areas, with plenty of sunshine and laughter along the way. Soho is so vibrant and as the sun was shining brightly that day, all of London was in a tangibly happy mood, and Charlotte Street has a sophisticated cosmopolitan feel with lots of tables and chairs to eat set outside, a gentler pace than the hustle of Oxford Street just five minutes away. There is also nothing quite like a walk along the Strand just as the sun has set to make you feel alive, especially with a good friend, off to see a good show.

It was my first time at the Savoy theatre and I had spent some time stressing about the seats and trying to work out on theatre monkey which to avoid, but was getting more stressed trying to use it! In the end I have to say I was really pleased with the seats: I got the impression that the Savoy was small enough that wherever you sat, you would get a fairly good view point. We sat in N7-8 in the Dress Circle, seats which offered very good views for just £20. The show was awesome, and in itself quite appropriate in its themes of friendship and life, and the main line up could certainly belt out some tunes. It was glitzy, gorgeous and glam- all the things that also sum up Shirley!

We didn’t get a photo of us together! But there will be plenty more opportunities for that.

For now, here’s to the good friend or friends we have in our lives and how lucky we are to have them!

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  1. Shirley Morrison April 23, 2018 — 10:10 pm

    Such kind lovely words thank you. You have been such a wonderful friend to me too Clare…i’m not as good with words as You, but I hope you know how fond I am of you and how much it means to me that we keep our friendship going. Thank you for such a wonderful day and here is to many more that we are sure to share ! xxx

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