My week of attempted wellness!

“And how hard I found it”! Haha 🙂

Yep, It’s been a struggle to bring myself back into being well and present this week, there is so much going on with forthcoming move, end of rotation and trying to prep for a 10k run coming up (May 19th!!)  but I’ve definitely tried!

I’m writing today with a slight cold and feel that I chilled myself with the super cold office at work. And all these UK weather changes again!! So all I feel like doing now, is having (another) hot bath and early night! But there are bags to pack, which won’t pack themselves!

However! Here are some of the lovely ways I’ve been trying to bring health and wellness into my ever standard busy week, that I totally recommend to you, but like always, find what works for you and definitely go with that.

  1. I’ve been listening to even more podcasts and finding even more blogs, which is still a new world to me and therefore very much delightfully wonderful. I’ve been back listening to Lucy Lucraft’s “What She Said” series again, and from these have been introduced to Sas Petherwick and the kind, mindful and encouraging series “Courage and Spice” podcast, as well as the beautifully open and vulnerable writing from Kate and her blog “A Playful Day” . There is something so soothing about listening to a good podcast on my way into work, it really calms my mind and sets me up positively for the day. Currently listening to Rachel Brathen’s “Mind, Body and Stories about pain” podcast, from the “From the Heart” series. I love Rachel. Her blunt honesty and authenticity just knocks me over.
  2. I’ve attended the gym twice over the last few days and even completed a mini workout at home. I’ve been running. Then, on Saturday I went to a “Fat Burn” class (haha at the name) and boy, did the trainer make us work! There is nothing quite like group camaraderie, when you are on the floor mentally cursing as you’re going through yet another round of crunches. I pay just over £20 monthly for The Gym group, which includes a fun variety of classes and most of these classes tend to be women focused, which I personally really like I have to say. No offence meant to men, but I find it easier to relax if I’m getting puffed and sweaty, with women beside me! Perhaps just me 🙂
  3. I attended a Mind and Body event at Kings College Hospital, offered to staff working in clinical health settings, and focusing obviously on wellness and mindfulness. It was really, really lovely! And I believe so important regardless of the job you do, for all of us as individuals. I got chatting at one of the stalls about the “wheel of wellbeing” ( which basically advises to try and maintain a balance in the following areas: 1) your body and being active, 2) your mind and keeping learning 3) your spirit and learning how to give 4) the people around you and learning to connect 5) where you are and taking notice of it and what is going on around you and 6) your planet, and taking care of it. It was great to attend with my OT colleagues and focus on small changes that could make a big difference to our peace of minds, both in and out of work.thumbnail_74C60DF1-788D-4108-8792-758425C0F456
  4. In the spirit of “taking notice”, I stopped to take photos of houses and trees I was admiring throughout London as spring has opened up colours and petals everywhere. In fact, the stopping for the photo actually gave me extra time to be present in the moment and enjoy the beauty in front of me. There is so much of it we just rush past every day and especially in London, in curious little nooks and crannies, and down the back streets you don’t always get to wonder down. Here are 3 of my in the moment, mindfulness snaps:

5. I met a good friend at a lovely Italian, put my phone away and concentrated on her and our conversation! Sometimes I can be guilty of checking my phone a lot during an evening out, worrying or thinking ahead about my to-do list.

6.Setting time aside from Ruben and I, as life is pretty full on at the moment! I appreciate we have just got back from Paris, so before you get out the violins on my behalf, to explain that for weeks before that Ruben was solidly revising for hours a day, we are both busy most weekday evenings and I am away this weekend for a friends birthday, so last Friday evening I came home and for a big and significant change made sure that phone was away, I wasn’t blog writing or checking the price of a train ticket, and that I was focusing on the person in front of me. And that felt wonderful 🙂

7. I’m often picking up a diet coke, a coke or something sugary to keep me going and I recently picked up this gorgeous drink from Boots. It tasted quite lovely, it appears to be all natural ingredients, and the chia seeds tasted like little bubbles going down your throat!


8. I’ve realised that May is looking all kinds of crazy socially, so for June I have mentally made a pact to myself to actually have no social life (bar one friend!) and spend time on the blog, on exercise and with Ruben in our then new home!! May is so wonderfully busy with friends and that is a blessing, but June is going to be all about me, dancing, Ruben, new rotation- and missing friends no doubt! And I’m really excited for that.

What do you do for your health and well-being, any products you love and any podcasts you’d like to recommend?! Please do feel free to comment! x

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