Our Y-Spa wonder day!


It’s been quite a few months since I properly caught up with my good friend Helen and so we’ve had to make do instead with text messages that at times resemble mini essays. (Lucky we both enjoy writing them!). I’ve also had some important moments of reflection of late that I need more grounding and stillness in my life, to make some important life decisions and give myself more opportunity to focus on “being” rather than “doing”. Therefore, what could be better than spending a whole day of relaxation with a really good friend, to debrief and catch up on the twists and turns of life, than at a super lovely spa?

A wonderful blogger friend of mine (see http://thewanderingquinn.com/)  had recently attended Y-spa, located in the tranquil countryside of Bedfordshire, and the pictures of her and her mothers day there looked glorious. I was already sold, so Helen and I decided to check it out as an early birthday present for her. We had an online offer (which appear to be advertised fairly frequently) and only paid £86.00 for the 2 of us, for the whole day! With this, we of course had access to the swimming pool, steam/sauna rooms, relaxation rooms, and a gorgeous 2 course lunch included in the package. Literally the only thing we had to worry about was bringing the swimming costumes!

From London it’s actually very straight forward to get to, with a rail time of just over an hour and regular services from London Bridge and Kings Cross. Also aware that these trains stop at other places such as Finsbury Park, as it really helped me on my return journey, not realising that I could have made my outward journey at a much closer station! St Neots is the closest rail station that you should book your ticket to, and the spa is really only about a 10 minute drive from the station. I had some problems on my return journey where the St Neots rail staff had to put us in a taxi to another nearby station, but it appears that the staff are well versed at managing current rail issues, so this shouldn’t disrupt you too badly, just something to be aware of and make sure you check ahead.

The staff at the spa were super lovely, and on a special relaxation day that’s precisely what you need! On arrival we were greeted at reception to the complex by the lovely Emily, who directed us again to the Spa’s main desk. We were provided with a welcome drink and tour by Erika and were fully orientated on where to go. The spa is fairly compact, but having someone point out areas and explain how to get the most of your day is really helpful. By this point we were both delighted and rather keen to get into the steam rooms.  We were given bands to open all doors and access our individual lockers which are roomy. The spa of course provided slippers and a robe, and towels in abundance should you require them. Water fountains are everywhere, and when we were lounging on the fun waterbeds in the afternoon we both enjoyed a lovely complimentary mocktail brought around by one of the smiling staff. The only bits of information you need for the day are to remember your locker number and your time for lunch- literally what could be easier!

My favourite bits and why I’m definitely recommending you should visit!

-It’s so easy to get to from London, but far enough that you feel you’ve had a proper break away. Look to book your train tickets with as much notice as possible to cut down on ticket costs.

-The lovely staff. Service with a smile is definitely what you’ll receive at the spa. Even when checking out and paying for the additional drinks we had had during the day, we were warmly thanked by the supervisor at the desk and asked to come again. I watched the staff and their interactions with one another and they definitely came across as a very friendly and happy team- it makes a difference to the customer service you receive.

-The room called “The Big Sleep”! Ok so Helen and I selfishly loved this as we had this room to ourselves for about 40 minutes! Picture a darkly lit room with 6 beds decorated with scented pillows, cushions, and warm fuzzy blankets. Imagine soft plush carpet under your feet, gorgeously scented Neom candles and diffusers and an atmospheric (unlit) fire as a centre piece flickering away. It was bliss!

-The pool which is always warm and provides super powerful jets should you want a bit of a shoulder and neck massage as we did!

-The gorgeous food and the good choice available! The food was fresh, colourful and included healthy and delicious options. I’m a big foodie and you won’t be disappointed. There are veggie options considered and a good range. Especially lovely were the desserts; plenty to choose from

-It isn’t overcrowded. Granted, we went on a Thursday and so I haven’t experienced the spa at weekends, but we never felt like we were on top of anyone, or anyone on us! We had space to talk and properly catch up, and that was so so valuable for us.

-The setting. So important. At Y-Spa feel like you’ve stepped away from it all, which is precisely what you need on a spa day. The premises was ++ clean and tidy, with very modern and shiny facilities. It was beautiful. The lunch room overlooks the lake and has picture-esque views. There were a few birthdays and romantic meals happening around us, and they’d clearly requested the window seats for lunch- clever people! I’d recommend you doing the same if going for a special occasion (or just because!)

I felt so sad on leaving, so I want you to go and tell me about it and then I can live vicariously through your experience- until my return! I’d really love to hear your thoughts if you visit, and/or please keep recommending other great spas to me! I love information swapping and hearing good reviews.  For more information on this wonderful spa which also has a hotel option to stay overnight, please see  https://www.spabreaks.com/venues/the-waterfront-hotel-spa-and-golf

Enjoy! x


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