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Today I am having a home day. It’s the perfect day to recharge and have some alone time, which I need and love, despite being as social as I am too! It feels the perfect day to sit and reflect, and watch the rain pour down outside. It’s so soothing.  I’ve been inspired by a few things lately. Actually inspired by a lot of things, and I wanted to share some of those with you.

The younger me was super cool about significant changes, it turns out the older me struggles a little bit more! Tomorrow is my last day at work at St Thomas’ Hospital, the last day (perhaps ever?) of me wearing the white tunic and green trousers us Occupational Therapists are known for. I am a little anxious, yet so relieved. I definitely feel it’s the right decision for me, as I have never fitted into the rush and hustle and bustle of hospitals. In fact I would take it a step further and question my fitting into the role itself if I am honest. It’s not like I’ve tried many different settings to know that, but there are some extenuating things going on to increase these thoughts. I had a total freak out one morning earlier this week when I was randomly awake at 4am pondering questions of life and a self critical voice trying to creep its way in. Now I’m realising: why the insane rush to DO, and self flagellation when not working? What is 3-4 weeks of not working at the end of the day if it was needed?! So now I’m really excited for the plans I have during that time, including taking the time to write and do more London tourism for my blog, and just to rest. The end of work felt like such a sweet and poignant celebration and there are plenty of lovely people there I’ll miss. I think whatever happens and when all is said and done, I applaud my own decision to leave at the end of the day when it was such a big decision to make. Our wellbeing is more important than anything.

I’ve been a little quiet on the ground blogging and Instagram wise, as I’m torn between the need for consistency and not wanting to post waffle/tripe either if the content I have is not of value. Over the last month I’ve attended 2 blogging social events which were fantastic. One was run by the events company Traverse, and the other was a Sandals promotion led by the bloggers, the Twins that Travel and Sunset Colada. The Traverse event was networking and was a little scary for me initially as there are bloggers there with a few thousand and more followers to their name, but I met some really nice people and came away with a few new friends which was awesome! And the talk by the Twins that travel and the Sunset Colada was just INCREDIBLE and I was really inspired by both their journeys and how very hard they are working to create well written and beautiful content. I was and am a total fangirl of the Twins that Travel who are both so intrinsically nice despite how mahoosive they are in the blogging world, and Ebru the girl behind Sunset Colada was so down to earth and approachable and I was hooked during her interview. Both bloggers have a real sharing nature and are not afraid to share their top tips with you, and their openness is so refreshing. I was also super inspired by Lucy Lucraft’s podcasting talk at the Traverse event in Rotterdam (I listened online via her awesome podcast) and have signed up to her podcasting course. I know- Clare where are you going to find the time?! But I’ve already written a list of those who I would like to interview, and feel that the biggest challenge (despite previous education experience which should indicate otherwise!) will be the tech aspects and me trying to become a bit more techy! But I’m so friggin excited for this. It brings me back to the younger me who completed a MA in Radio and loved creating digital content such as this. My curiosity for people has not gone away and audio will bring life to the interviews in a way that type cannot- bring that on.

I’ve also attended my second crystal channelling workshops which I guess in a nutshell focuses on channelling and harnessing you inner good via meditation. There is something really special about Roberta Boyce who leads these workshops and I really recommend you take a look if you are in the need for some self love and reflective time. The subject title changes monthly: and the space based in Covent Garden is intimate and protective. Take a look at

Being essentially what will be a self employed OT essentially means if I don’t like something, I can give a weeks notice and leave. Or I have the homeless charity to locum with, until I figure things out. I have a half marathon in October (11 weeks to go- gulp!) , am wanting to keep up with the blog and would like to start this podcast. So much on as usual, but there feels a notable shift in my attitude and awareness and readiness for it all.

Essentially, I feel like I am in a flux of change, but that I am becoming more authentically ME, and that THAT is exciting.

Gratitude as always for my friends, family, and to Ellie Quinn of the Wandering Quinn who introduced me to this blogging lark and opened me up to the creativity and possibilities again away from the 9-5pm world. I love it!









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