Autumn blogging reflections- gratitude

Today is my 1 year friend-adversary with Ellie Quinn, travel blogger of the Wandering Quinn (check her out- and it seems poignant therefore to complete a blog today around this. Meeting Ellie, as I have no doubt previously mentioned, woke me up to my life. I know, dramatic, but hey it’s true. It woke me up to the world of fear based “shoulds” I had been ascribing to and reminded me of what the younger me had aspired to. It’s had the following affect:

  1. I left my job a few months later. It had been causing me a whole heap of anxiety and discomfort for some time and I was growing more and more miserable. I could feel myself becoming more negative and feeling stuck. I start a new job tomorrow, via an agency. I can’t tell you yet how that’s going to work out for me, BUT it’s better paid which means more authentic me choices in my spare time and for that, I am delighted.
  2. I changed and enhanced the content of what I am absorbing and tuned into more positive and self nurturing material. I choose uplifting people to follow on Instagram, attend health and wellness events, and have started to meditate. I follow groups such as the shelf-help book club, Gary Vee and Hazel Wallace aka the Food Medic on Instagram (follow them- they are ace!) which has also helped to wake me up about the possibilities for our lives if we believe and work for it.
  3. I started this blog in Feb this year. It’s not been very consistent as you will have seen. I have floundered a little at times on its direction, and due to this I think  therefore it’s been difficult in the past to grow. My aims are to grow the blog so that I can be an “influencer” rather than just a blogger. I’d really like to travel more and take beautiful photos and write up of the experience. In the meantime until I travel again, I’ll be focusing on beautiful London and improving my photography skills over autumn.

So. Much. Gratitude! Thank you Ellie! Thanks for always giving your time, support and friendship to me, when you have been so busy yourself., and as always in your high energy and positive way. It means a lot!! Literally everytime I message Ellie, she always get back to me in such a loving and positive way and really, she’s been like an informal mentor to me. Whatever happens I owe so much to her! (Now please go and check out her page re the link above, as she’s away travelling in super fantastic places now for a bit which will get your wanderlust drooling!) It brings it home to me with how fantastic it is to support one another.

The super lovely Ellie, on our meet up on my birthday 8th April 2018

Nicely leading on from this, I’m tagging the wonderful girls of Twins That Travel who are doing something amazing and offering one lucky blogger the chance to be mentored by them in their exciting competition for free mentorship. Did I say for free? How amazing is that. Check out their wonderful writing, photography and travel destinations at:

Happy beautiful Sunday. What are your reflections on the months past and how are things shaping up for you with your life goals?


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