3 of the best: London brunch dates

If you’re looking for the extra special brunch date suggestions to get you through the London grey days, then read on!

Dalloway Terrace

Why visit: it’s sheer dreaminess and top quality food and service.

I’ve been looking and wanting to include the extra special in this post and I definitely found it with Dalloway Terrace. You are never sure if the instagrammable prettiness of places might undercut the quality in some way, but this is absolutely not the case with Dalloway.

I understand they change the decor of the terrace seating periodically, and it’s current January 2019 theme has a Narnia feel to it. Dalloway Terrace is the enchanting, dreamy place you would never think existed so close to the bustle of Oxford Street. It’s the place to meet a good friend for brunch, as I did, celebrate a special event with a loved one, have a birthday celebration with a group of your closest friends or take your parents to. It’s the place to go to for a bit of you time! I love having the balance of a beautiful environment, friendly service and great food- that is also affordable. I was stuffed with the pancakes that we both ordered! I chose mine with bacon for an additional £3.00 and I couldn’t finish it- the thick pancakes were stacked 3 high. For a foodie like me, that is saying something! It came promptly and was served beautifully.

The pot of tea was humongous and easily could have served 2, should you want just a cup or two each. I’ll return because the quality in all areas was so, so high. The terrace has heating and additional cosy blankets you can don if you still feel you need to. We weren’t hurried at all to eat up or pay, and we felt the total brunch price of £34 for the service charge, and a large quantity of very gorgeous pancakes, berry,s lemon curd and maple syrup mix (plus extra bacon for me), tea and  a large bottle of still water, was well worth it for the setting, service and quality. It’s quiet and spacious in between tables; you have time to relax and you don’t feel rushed.

We booked 2 weeks in advance via bookatable and had to confirm the booking as is standard, the previous day. The hotel is also something else, and the Coral Bar well worth checking out. Adding that to the “to visit” lists…



Georgia with all the smiles at this beautiful venue

Why visit? For it’s sophistication and elegance. You walk in wishing you’d donned that dress from Mad Men or put that red lipstick on.

First of all, what a building! I love the unexpected in London, and walking into number set me up for what was upstairs. I must have walked past this building 100 times- what a gem.

Tables are paired fairly close together, but we still felt we had intimacy and the overal stylish and beautiful setting and ambience kicked off this special new years catch up. We had the most wonderful waiting staff, where it truly was service with a smile and felt we were really taken care of during our visit. We also loved how the waiting staff were dressed which adds to the overall elegance.

You’d want to come here on a date, with your partner for that special occasion, with a good friend, for your birthday. The list is endless! It’s perfect for every occasion.

We chose the pancakes (my friend chose this- I had serious food envy and it tasted honestly sublime) and I had the egg and avocado on toast. My only suggestion would be a little bit more of this 🙂 We had a juice each and shared a pot of tea between us.  It came to just under £30.00. We felt like we had succeeded in quite the new year treat and loved the winding and glamorous stairwell which made us pose on our way out!

Go because the food, service and surroundings are top level and you are WORTH it!


26 Grains

New Year and same you wanting to be healthy and wholesome? Me too! If you’re not wanting a restaurant setting, or to be enticed with the unhealthy options for your brunch date, then I’d totally recommend 26 Grains in the colourful Neals Yard.

Why visit? For the cute, cosy and wholesome brunch date. For the creative take on porridges for the porridge fiends among you.

Top tip: at the weekend you need to arrive early. We arrived at 11.30am and that was slightly pushing it- there is limited seating inside this cute coffee shop type setting. Come summer this won’t be a problem as there is outdoor seating, but something to think about for now!

We chose: I had the Nordic Pear, a warm porridge with pear, crumble pieces, seeds and spices. It was delicious! My friend had the banana cacao bircher and said that was gorgeous too. I’d have the Nordic Pear again in a second.  It felt like a warm hug in a bowl.

We found the space element a bit tricky, but I’d definitely go back if I was planning an early morning mate date or event during the week when it’s bound to be quieter. For our 2 breakfast’ and drinks, it came to just under £20.00 which we thought was rather good for porridges with a substantial twist.

fullsizerender (3)


Where are you going for your brunches and any recommendations for me to check out? Quickly realising it’s my favourite meal of the day!

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