Where the Pancakes Are: Flat Iron Square

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Sanjay and I have decided to give up our day jobs and become pancake tasters! What a job that would be! 😀

“Where the Pancakes are” has been on my radar since a food photographer I follow on Instagram put up some amazing photos from a brunch there, and we decided we had to go. It’s in the super cool Flat Iron Square, which is somewhere definitely to visit for all the different and amazing food and drink options you can plump for.

It has tons of savoury and sweet options to suit everyone, but me being me, and us being us we both went for the sweet!

Sanjay chose banana and chocolate, and I went for their “Hummingbird” which is described as (mouthwatering) cinammon poached pineapple, house cream, lime syrup and zest, pomegranate and toasted coconut. Ohhh with a nice cup of hot chocolate too- it was yummy! And as you can see, also beautifully presented which is appreciated. The service was fairly quick, we got the food within 10 minutes and the place, even on a Monday morning, was busy!


Why visit: delicious menu, reasonable prices, lovely staff! It’s busy but has a calm feel, good place to catch up with friends.

Nearest tube: Borough Market, but a fairly easy trot from London Bridge also

Price range: you can choose between 1 or 2 pancakes (go for 2!) but roughly between £6-12 per dish


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