Andu, Ethopian restaurant, Dalston

Andu Ethiopian caught my attention a few times before I made it in, whenever I get the bus up and down Kingsland Road in East London. It’s on a kind of funny stretch of the road, a bit noisy, a bit grubby and not very appealing part, but it’s this bright colourful little place in amongst it all! I’m just getting that out there- it’s not a beautiful area. HOWEVER, the reviews of the restaurant were and understandably are that it’s good! With an ever growing selection of vegan restaurants to choose from in London city, I was curious.

First off, for small parties like ours (we were 2) no booking is required. We got there at 6pm on a Wednesday and by the time we left which might have been around 7.30pm the place was heaving! Maybe the time effects the booking- definitely call to check!

What we ate: We had a platter of a variety of traditional veggie/vegan sides, a large bowl of rice, the injera bread and 2 bottles of water, all for £14! I have to say, I left hungry: one platter and an extra side might be the best for 2 people 🙂 (This was not the restaurants fault, but mine!) I think the Yemisir wot, which they tend to put in the middle of the platter was my personal fave. We commented we didn’t think there was much texture variety between the dishes on the platter, so everything felt a bit soft, but we assumed this was just how it was meant to be. It was well seasoned and more ish!

Why visit: small menu but very reasonable and tasty food! It’s down to earth cafe style, no special airs and graces, but it has a really nice atmosphere and we loved the colourful front and interior photos. It’s fairly quick service and nice and clean. To try vegan Ethiopian cusine! It’s always fun to try something different, right?

Where is it: Andu is closest to Dalston Junction overground, and frequented by heaps of buses. You’re slap bang in the trendy area of Dalston and close to Shoreditch for drinks after- win win.


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