Birthday Brunch at Duck and Waffle



Duck and Waffle has been on my “must visit” list for some time, and we were so excited to tick it off this year. The special event was for mine and Ruben’s birthdays (my boyfriend and I share the same birthday, the 8th April) and I booked in for a morning brunch, probably about 2 months ago. You need to get in in advance with these guys for eating plans, but it’s well worth it. For an organiser like me, it’s no sweat! I love the anticipation of these things too. Duck and Waffle follow through on the build up- it’s definitely worth your wait!

Getting the lift up to the 40th floor made my stomach flip! It is quite something being up that high and breath taking to see the world literally go past you. We were asked to wait in the bar momentarily on arrival, before being seated.

Service during our morning there was always super friendly and genuinely welcoming, our food came in a not too quick but timely fashion and it was really tasty. Ruben had the full English and I went with the Colombian eggs (which is eggs and avocado on toast) with an additional side of a sausage. It was gorgeous! We both had a hot drink and admired the views, and for our two breakfasts, hot drinks and service charge, in the most stupendous and special setting, we thought the final bill price of just over £44.00 was well worth it! It was raining, but it didn’t spoil the views over Tower Bridge and the Gherkin that we were facing.

Our lovely waiter advised us that popping in just for a drink does not require a booking, but wanting to sit and eat does. We noticed people during our brunch with trainers on, otherwise at night time Duck and Waffle has a dress code you might want to check out:

Duck and Waffle: one of London’s finest places for eats and drinks. I can’t wait to go back at nightime for a cocktail, as the views of London at night must be sublime. If you go from my recommendation, or have been before, I’d really love to hear from you about it! x




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