Paint Republic: step by step painting fun!

When I was given the opportunity by LovepopupsLondon to join a group of other London bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers to take part in an evening of painting, food and drink with Paint Republic, I jumped at the chance!

Paint 10

I’ve always loved art and the chance to be creative. I’d seen previous paintings completed by other bloggers with Paint Republic which were incredible- and couldn’t wait to see what painting we would be doing! Set up with blank canvases, pallets of paint, water, and an array of brushes: we had all the tools necessary!

Paint 8Paint 9Paint 6

The venue was the lovely (and huge) Stane Street Syndicate pub in Clapham Common. We were gifted a gorgeous burger and chips by the venue: I went for an “Beyond Meat” burger (Plant based patty on a linseed bun, topped with tobacco onions and melted Gouda alternative, produced from coconut oil!) and it was sublime. Love finding great veggie burgers!


Full on good food, and having met some of the super friendly group, we were then greeted and led through a step by step “layering” approach, by the lovely Becky, who painted with us and gave you clear and easy directions of how to complete each stage.  Plus you could totally choose to change it up a bit if you wished- and some of my group did incredible creative things with theirs!

When I saw the painting we were to copy- two lovely flamingos and a bright moon, I was a bit concerned I have to say- heehee. Because, i’m “ok” at drawing, but not really animals. However, all I can say is- you do surprise yourself! It was REALLY easy to follow, and before you knew it the outlines were starting to take shape into something that definitely resembled the birds you were meant to be copying! Becky was humorous, put on the 90’s tunes and we got totally engrossed into beautifying our little canvases alongside having a fab time and a little drink if you wanted. So social, relaxing, and fun.

£25 per person for an evening with Paint Republic is a fab price for a fun and unique evening. You will leave so proud of yourself, and I think it would be a very lovely thing to do with a special friend, or loved one.

Paint 2

Find out more information at:

And for more London blog opportunities like this fab one, see

With extra special thanks to LovePopUpsLondon for the opportunity and some of these great photos of the evening 🙂


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