An opulent afternoon tea at Vivi

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Sarah and I, post the scrummy afternoon tea!

As you likely know or have experienced, afternoon teas are almost at saturation point in London, and the standards are high! It’s a big part of what the British are known for, right? A nice cream tea with scone and jam, or a traditional tiered cake stand afternoon tea.  If you come to London, I highly recommend you do some research to consider the type of tea and setting you are after, and book one in. They are glorious and decadent experiences!

We didn’t know what to expect from the tea at Vivi as the restaurant has opened this year and therefore we haven’t known many people who have visited, but had high hopes as it looked gorgeous on the website and it was booked for a special occassion: my friend Sarah’s 40th birthday.

First impressions: so positive! We were greeted so warmly and sincerely on arrival, directed where to go, and offered to leave bags and coats in the cloakroom if required. Decor: on point- girlie yet modern, and very stylish. Simple yet uber effective. There were what I perceived to be pop art/Andy Warhol type pictures of the Queen and a 1960’s -esque picture of a young Joanna Lumley dotted about.


The seating area is so spacious and light, with high ceilings. The bar is a pinacle feature and pure 60’s glamour. I adored the teal chairs and I wanted to go and seat there so badly! It was a Sunday and therefore fairly quiet, but Vivi chose carefully to not put all the guests seated together (thank you Vivi- it is rather irksome when restaurants do the opposite) and so we had plenty of space to sit and chat. Super happy! The very friendly lady at reception took the lovely lovely photo of us just in the foyer of the entrance, and all the staff who served us were just wonderful.

Initial order for drinks and teas taken: (we opted to have additional Gin and Tonics on top of our teas!) , and both of these were brought over fairly promptly.  The chocolate noir tea was gorgeous, and I highly recommend!

What was in the afternoon tea? Mini cakes such as carrot cake, macaroons with an amazing fondant, chocolate eclair, and my favourite: the little Battenburg cake. I loved how they chose many British inspired cakes. I also loved that it came in a very cute pink perspex box, and also the bright pink candyfloss on the side. The cakes were exceptional and the best part of the tea- so big ticks there!

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We had two scones and jam each: perhaps the servings for the cream and jam could have been more in the pots provided, but we chose to consider our waistlines, and not ask for more anyway!

Any constructive feedback? Just a small thing, as everything was so wonderful. We weren’t asked if we wanted any refills and would have liked to have been. However, we asked for more tea, and this was brought to us without a problem!

Final thoughts: I loved it and I’m dying to go back! I thought it was sophisticated girlie glamour, the perfect place to go with a friend or on a date if you use the bar (making plans myself to get back here for a cocktail!) Whilst we were there, there was a party, and I thought that was a super cool idea too! It’s in such a perfect location in central London, the price (£32.00 for the afternoon tea) was very reasonable, my single G&T was only £7.50, and the cakes in particular are yummy! It felt special and the photos reflect that. Basically, whether its an afternoon tea, a treat for a cocktail, or for a special meal: I think Vivi has you covered! Go and make me jealous afterwards!

Vivi have thought about many small touches and how key presentation is, right from the entrance to the gorgeously pink perspex box that your tea will come in, and its those touches that make this a very special occasion and like me, make you want to return.

341B6157-52D7-4030-89CC-6E79A3DEE709Vivi 6Viv 4Vivi 3

Vivi: pure opulent sophistication and a central London treat!

Please see their website for further info and glorious details: and let me know if you read this review, and decide to book!

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