Celebrating D-Day with Bourne and Hollingsworth Blitz party

I realized just the day before the event that this would be my 4th time returning to this event, which really just goes to show how amazing I honestly think it is. I can’t think that I have been anywhere else so many times, and yet would happily go back to again! It’s my favourite London vintage party event, and arguably London’s finest vintage night. Bourne and Hollingworth consider and pay close attention to all the finer details that make an event truly amazing, and it is probably the closest thing you’ll get to feeling like you’re in a Baz Luhrman styled Gatsby party. Well, I appreciate that’s the wrong decade, but by that I of course feeling properly immersed in what feels like an authentic night. Plus the added sparkle of watching everyone dressed up in their finery, and feeling (if you’re a woman) like the most feminine version of yourself, at the most fantastic celebration (D Day party/with best friend/living in London/life), in the coolest of settings. Win, win, and win again!

I was also really, really REALLY pleased that it would be back at the Waterloo Vaults, as its such an impressive and atmospheric venue, perfect for celebrating a D-Day party!

Blitz 7
I love the choosing what to wear: as much fun as the party itself! Dress by Seamstress of Bloomsbury and shoes by the gorgeous Saint Savoy
Blitz 4
Bit blurry, but love the bunting and this capture of the atmosphere, just glorious
Blitz 2
This glamorous girl is one of my best friends Gemma- how amazing is her hair?!

The party is from 8pm-2pm, with dance lessons before if you pay the extra for those. It would be amazing to add this on if you can: because it’s by the ever fantastic Swing Patrol who offer fab swing dance lessons throughout London. We paid £35 each for our entrance (without dance lessons).

Arrival: We arrived for 8pm and were let in just after- greeted at the door with a union jack flag, and had our names ticked off. Hair done (for free- and really, what a service) and ready to rock and roll. Imagine multi rooms in dark underground style setting, low lights, maps and war time posters adorning the wall, union jack coloured bunting, air-raid sirens, 1940’s bands, girls walking past you dressed up as wartime nurses and military, groups of friends, sisters, birthday parties: and all of you out for the common goal of having a really, really good time.

Blitz 3
Gemma looking fabulous at her first Blitz, in dress from Tiger Milly

Drinks: We went for the various gin and rum based cocktails which were just under £10 each (and potent!) and we loved that the cocktail list comes on a vintage “Ration book”.  We partook in a couple of these, well as various measures of vodka and gin and tonic! Singles were £7.50 and doubles £8.50.

The bars weren’t bad to be honest: you could definitely tell there was a surge of people around 10pm, but we never had to queue for too long 🙂 The bars are card only, no cash.

Music:  Absolutely fantastic vintage swing bands, and so much dancing. We saw swing and jive dancers, as well as everyone just generally having a great time! Authentic sounding 1940’s music- later on in the evening it turned to more 1950s: we distinctly recalled Elvis Presley playing! By this point you’ll probably be too tiddly to question it!

Cloakroom: £2.00 per item (website said £1.00!), payable on card only.

Smokers: designated smoking area outside the entrance.

Blitz 5


Blitz 9
Making of new friends: this girl had come down from somewhere up North for the night, with her sister
blitz 14.jpg
Our first Blitz together!
blitz 10.jpg
The Blitz is THE event for photographs. Gemma, offering her finest Jayne Mansfield pose! Beautiful.

The website: https://www.bourneandhollingsworth.com/ Recommend you check this out for Bourne and Hollingworth varying London options and alternative London based parties.

I’m due next to visit them for brunch at their Garden Rooms, which I just can’t wait for. Heard of it? Interiors really are their area of expertise, and it looks just gorgeous, as well as offering gorgeous views of my favourite city 🙂 https://www.bandhgardenroom.com/

Let me know if you go to the Blitz in the future, or visit any other of their amazing events?


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