Skuna BBQ boats: a new way to enjoy London

I was really thrilled to be invited for an summer evening with the UK’s first BBQ boats, here in London, thanks to lovepopupslondon and Skuna Boats.

Skuna 1
An absolutely gorgeous time at this fun event

Skuna Boats have already been running the very successful hot tub boats, and have now added the BBQ range to the repertoire.

8 of us bloggers set off from the dock, in glorious sunshine, armed with all the food and drink we could carry! I love the aesthetic of the Canary Wharf area, especially on a summers evening with the sun setting, twinkling lights as the evening draws in, and friends and work colleagues enjoying drinks overlooking the water. I just love the area, I just find it so atmospheric.

Skuna 2

The boats seat up to 10 and would be a really great thing to do with a special group of friends, colleagues or family.  The hire price is also quite reasonable as if there was 10 of you, it would work out around £20-25 each, for the 90 minute hire- which also seemed to last a really long time! The BBQ is gas, and therefore doesn’t omit unnecessary heat, and it cooked the food really quickly! My first experience with a gas BBQ and I’d say it was a big success. We were all impressed with the speed.

Skuna 3
Steve of Never Fear New cooking up a storm!

It’s a little pity in one respect that you can’t go out as far as you can with the hot tub boats, but we also didn’t find that limited our enjoyment too much at all. We all felt it was a magical evening and that we’d love to do it again! There was something fun, totally novel and super relaxing cooking away whilst (having a BBQ! and-) floating about in water! Any chance to see London from a different angle is one to savior I think. So Skuna Boats definitely gets a massive thumbs up and thank you from me- and I’ll be returning! It’s also run by super helpful and informative staff, which is a big tick.

Skuna 4.jpg
Taking in some of the sights around us which made for an impressive backdrop
Enjoying the feast!

With special thanks once again to Lovepopupslondon and Skuna Boats for this wonderful [gifted, but all opinions my own] evening.

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