“Prison Break” at Fox in a Box London


(Gifted, but all thoughts and opinions my own)

I recently had the pleasure of attending the still relatively new, but thriving “Fox in a Box” escape rooms again in Dalston, East London. This is part of a franchise that you might have seen across Europe: and its the first one in London.

I visited last when they had just opened in the summer to do the “Zodiac killer” room with other bloggers (scared to death- loved it!), and returned recently to complete “Prison Break” with team mates. Fox in a Box Dalston has in a short space of time fought its way to London’s top 10 escape rooms on Trip Advisor, and you can clearly see why.


Well, this was my first time in a cell- and hopefully my last! As a general, now having done 2 rooms there, I love the thrilling, suspense that “Fox in a Box” offers with its rooms. I don’t want to give too much away, but I loved the thought behind “Prison Break”, the thrilling interaction you get from staff, the mental effort and guesswork required, and most importantly that there is enough for everyone to get involved in and do! No one wants to be stood there like a lemon in an escape room experience! It had the right amount of tension, the perfect level of fun.


It took us just under 40 minutes to escape- I have to thank my team mates, who included some brilliant code crackers! Its just 2 minutes from Dalston Junction overground, and would be a perfect idea to do with mates after work or at the weekend, or to think about a different kind of office get together with Christmas coming up!


There are 4 escape rooms on offer, the price is generally £30 with occasional offers and discounts worth checking out. I’m looking forward to completing the rest of the rooms!

Thanks to the lovely staff at Fox in A Box London and @lovepopupslondon for this gifted opportunity.

Website for further information: https://www.foxinaboxlondon.uk/

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