5 of the best gift ideas for new parents and baby!

We were besieged with cards and gifts following the arrival of our son Sonny in May- spoilt rotten and so grateful for all of them, to celebrate the safe birth of our little boy. For a solid week the doorbell rang every day and it really was like Christmas! Each and every gift was so amazing, and gave me inspiration for what gifts I’d choose for new parents and newborns in future. In the past I have definitely always deliberated over what to get, not wanting to get something the new parents may have already purchased, or something that wasn’t useful, and often feeling that bit stuck. So I’ve come up with a quick fire list of our top 5 gifts/things we’ve bought that would make an extra special present for your expecting friends, family, colleagues!

  • Wonderbly books: we were gifted “The Little Boy who lost his name” which, during the course of its wonderful story, spells out your child’s name. At the front of the book, the gift giver can also personalise it with a special message. It came in a lovely postal box, and is the most captivating (and clever) way of introducing spelling to your child. I would have been overjoyed to have been given a book like this as a child! What was also lovely was that in the delivery package was also a further offer for 15% off, so I’ll definitely be using that for another book for friends children and Sonny in future! Find them here: https://www.wonderbly.com

  • My First Years: You know how you are always told “presentation is everything” and you don’t realize it, until it comes in a beautifully embellished turquoise box that matches up as a special keepsake box for all your child’s special “first” occassions and that blows you away before anything else? That is the superior quality of “My First Years”. We were gifted the most beautiful giraffe teddy with Sonny’s name on it, and a gorgeous baby-grow with the writing “Little Legend” on it which we can’t wait to get him into! We were super touched, it’s all very, very high quality and the giraffe especially is one to treasure. Find them here: https://www.my1styears.com/
Sonny with his gorgeous “My First Years” personalised teddy

  • Bathing Bunnies: This company offers personalised gifts including bath towels, and imagine our joy to open a super cute elephant bath towel, with “Sonny” enscribed across the back. The material is lovely and soft, and we love wrapping Sonny up in this after a bathtime splash! Find them here: https://www.bathingbunnies.com/

  • Bumble Baby Boutique: I’ve found that a lot of muslins can be a bit plain, and that it’s also definitely true you can never have too many as a new parent! I recommend this company for the most beautiful larger style muslins EVER. You’ll always need a few of the larger muslins, especially if breastfeeding, or just wanting to have a nice throw to put down for the baby if you’re out and about. We have one with dinosaurs on, and another with rainsbows and suns, and both make me smile. They also wash very well! Find them here: https://bumble-babies.co.uk/

  • Bespoke Foil Company: You’ll have seen all of the baby hand and foot print making sets in department stores, but have you seen a set that embellishes the designs in foil print?! The Bespoke Foil Company gave us great communication when we corresponded with them, delivered back to us really fast and we were so delighted with the completed results! They are prints we will treasure ๐Ÿ™‚ Find them here: https://www.thebespokefoilcompany.co.uk/

I’m always on the look out for top quality gifts and treats for babies now Sonny is here! If you have any you’d like to share, or if you’ve already tried and liked any of the above, please let me know!

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