My alternative London highlights guide!

This is the alternative guide for those who have been to London a few times and done the classic and much touted London tourist attractions, and also those who know London well/fairly well, and are looking for more London inspo! Of course at current, all of these will be closed due to national UK lockdown, so this is one to earmark for when everything is re-opened once again!

1)If you’ve done the London Eye- next time consider Sky Garden? Whilst still very popular, in comparison, Sky Garden is absolutely free, for MUCH more impressive views.  It’s 360 views across London are amazing. You can stretch your legs at leisure and although it can be busy, it’s so spacious you’ll still be able to find the sanctuary or space you need. Alternatively, and though not as high as Sky Garden, 120 Fenchurch St is another totally free but less well known viewing platform. Granted the views are not quite as impressive, but we found it peaceful and loved the restaurant there too for a coffee after. Find information about both on their websites below:

Sky Garden:

120 Fenchurch Street:

2) If you’ve visited Westminster Cathedral (which is truly, truly amazing for its rich history and who is buried there), next time visit the Hindu Temple, Wembley? You aren’t allowed to take photos inside, and my dodgy old camera from the time doesn’t do it justice. It’s a beautiful, building and whilst there isn’t much else going on in Wembley (please correct me if I’m wrong!) it IS most definitely still worth a trip.


3) If you’ve visited a mock Irish bar around Leicester Square and found that and central London nightlife rather devoid of meaning – try a 1920’s or 40’s night, courtesy of Bourne and Hollingworth, or try a gin evening at the London Gin Club in Soho!! These are SUCH fun and rather addictive!! (See also my blog under London vintage tab on homepage). Additionally, check out Cahoots, in Kingly Court off Carnaby Street? I love it’s 1940’s underground station theme! It’s where I had some birthday drinks a few years ago- some snaps below! *NB, all of these will require booking.

Bourne and Hollingsworth:

London Gin Club, Soho:


4)If you’ve done a Jack the Ripper tour, next time consider the Alternative Jack the Ripper Walk? This tells the story and focuses on the lives of the women murdered by the infamous “Jack”, rather than glorifying the man himself.


5)If you’ve done a high end afternoon tea and want a more down to earth chintzy tea room one, try Candella at High Street Ken? I was here for my birthday in 2017 and loved it. It was cosy tea room style, with great quality and very reasonably priced food. It’s also quite unusual to find independent team room gems like this one in London as they are typically more found in English villages. Plus its so fab to be in High Street Ken, a short walk to Kensington Palace, the Royal Albert Hall, and all the lovely bustle of the High Street Ken high street.


I’ll be updating this list continuously- where would you recommend people who’ve already tried the more popular London options go??

For more London ideas and recommendations, come and find me over @lovinglivinglondon on Instagram!

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