The Postal Museum- have you been yet?

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We had a recent visit to the Postal Museum with toddler LM, which is just a quick 15 minute walk from Kings Cross station. If you haven’t been, a visit to the Postal Museum with a toddler is well worth it!

I liked the fact it has lots of interactive elements and bite sized bits of information to capture growing minds attention (and easy readable chunks for us trying to manage a toddling toddler on the go!). I personally love the fact that the site is of course held on the old Mount Pleasant sorting office site, which holds so much history, and was one of the largest sorting offices in the world.

We started off our session in the Sorted! Play area, which has a super cute and very realistic sorting area, complete with vests to wear and mail trolleys to push (which LM adored, and got equally frustrated with not realizing his 16 month year old self couldn’t quite push it as he could his plastic walker at home!), mini post offices to play in, mini towns with building blocks perfect to entertain him. This area you can book as a stand alone visit, and therefore you need to book this separately to the museum entrance (just £4 if you book online).

We then enjoyed the museum, learning the wonderful history of the start of the mail in England (thank you to Henry VIII who devised the post system with stations known as posts, and horses to take the mail around!), and more recent popular features of the British mail, including the British postcard!

We finished with the Mail ride (last photo on the right above), which are like tiny bullets- small as they once held the mail themselves! We were worried LM might get a bit spooked and kick off whilst deep in part of the 15 minute tour (short enough but lengthy enough if with a screaming child), but he seemed to find the whole thing really soothing which was great! Another aspect of why a visit to the Postal Museum with a toddler is well worth it.

The nitty gritty:

  • Super close to Kings Cross station and all the amenities
  • Lovely large café, with highchairs, shop on site perfect for little ones to take home a memento
  • Sorted Play, which is bookable separately
  • The museum ticket will get you back into the museum unlimited for a year, which makes it great value (and also includes one ride on the legendary Mail Ride too) How cool is that!
  • Free for children under 3
  • Cheaper if you book online

Website details:

Have you been to the Postal museum yet?!

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