London for kids! 6 of our best places to take your kids to in 2023

Little Man (LM) and I have tried so many lovely places in London since he was born and we know we are spoilt for choice in London for kids!

So, here’s a highlight list of some of our best places in London! We are only including our absolute favourite toddler activities that we would be keen to return to ourselves.

Hope it’s a useful list for you to get ideas from!

1. Discover Story, Stratford

Made up of different floors, and with a gorgeous garden to boot, we visited here early one Tuesday morning and were able to enjoy the place with just a few other little ones. We have been here twice now, once spending time in their “Story Worlds” and “Story Garden” only, which is fantastic in itself, but also went to see the absolutely brilliant “100 Story Hotel”, which describes itself as “immersive play and story telling”. It’s an additional £3 for 45 minutes, and a brilliant experience for both parent and child. The actual “set” used is fantastic too and they have another play out now called “Box Rocket” that is worth taking a look! We haven’t been to another place quite like “Discover Story”- it’s definitely a personal favourite of mine and a beautiful venue for small children in London. There are all different kind of prices depending on how old your child is, so i’l let you check!


2. “Toddler Time”, under the Cutty Sark, Greenwich

We visited here on an invite, and it was gorgeous. I was worried about the fact that LM wouldn’t sit still, but as all of these things rightly should be, it was super chill and understanding of the fact that kids will move. There were songs and story telling, and plenty of free time to get creative. LM’s favourite thing was running off around the whole of the downstairs, which is a pretty cool place for kids to run freely to be fair, and we met some really nice mums here. It felt both relaxed, and remarkable to be in such a beautiful London setting with your small one. This is a lovely one for our London for kids list. Tickets are £5.00 for an adult, and free for children, 2 time slots every Wednesday.


3. “Squish Space”, Barbican

There aren’t necessarily many props, for this sensory creative free play session, but what there are evoked lots of happy squeals from LM and the other kids we saw. “It’s a place to spin, jump, hide, touch and explore” the website says. We’d definitely agree with that! The only downside is the open doors, and I wonder if staff could consider closing them, or would consider closing them if you asked, as if you have twins/a child that’s a bolter, it’d be very difficult to keep hold of them! It’s entirely free, which is wonderful, and they advise they keep some walk-in spaces available but best to book. Check them out for the various dates they offer:


4. “Postal Museum”, Kings Cross.

All of the photos below are from the museums Sorted! Playroom, which LM adored (the mail trolley was a big hit!). I love the fact that it’s a small and easily do-able museum with younger kids, that it’s split into 2 but easily followable sites, that you have different options of the museum itself, the play room, and the infamous Mail Ride which we all loved! LM was too young to comprehend much of the Museum itself of course, and it’s always difficult for parents to read/concentrate with younger tots in tow, but nonetheless we had a great time, and it’s one I’d like to return to as LM gets bigger. A fantastic “London for kids” go to!


5. Baby Broadway, various locations.

LM loves a song! Which child doesn’t? We went to a Baby Broadway concert in Highgate last year, and loved it! It’s such a special feel good family friendly event. Many of the songs of the concert we attended were songs of Musicals I particularly loved, the women had fabulous voices (and were ex West End musical stars I believe) and whilst some of the songs may have been unknown to Sonny, he still had a fabulous time engaging with the melodies, and watching the other children dance and sing! We’ve also attended a Baby Gospel AND a Baby Knees up: the full hat trick, and LM loved them all! You’ve got to go! They are also in more locations than just London, so definitely one to check out for a different, totally fab, toddler activity!


6. Role 2 Play, Walthamstow

This is such a popular and gem of a Walthamstow venue! It’s really small (which is lovely) with a limit on the amount of children per session to manage the space, has well thought out with different rooms for the children to engage in, and huge seating area in the cafe part for mums to relax in afterwards/before if required/meeting up with friends. LM had a frickin blast running between all the rooms and playing with all the various role play items!! Therefore excuse these photos: it was really hard to get a good picture of him when he was moving so much in enjoyment! (Also some random activity choices going on from LM here, brushing worksurfaces etc- it was brilliant!!) This is definitely one of our top contenders for our best places for London for kids!


Have you been to any of these/love them too? Let us know in the comments below, or any other recommendations you have!

We love finding out about new places to add to our best places in London and London for kids list!!

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