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“You can sit with us”
Super friendly vibes at Mum Club Islington! Photo taken by the talented @ginaluciaphotography

Little Man and I had a super warm and wonderful time with Mum Club Islington earlier this month. We happened to win our invite in an Instagram comp earlier in the year, and were delighted to attend! Even more so when we both left with big smiles on our faces. We had read the blurb, but didn’t know what fully to expect from a Mum Club event.

Mum Club Islington takes place every month, in different venues around the borough -it’s good to know it’s a franchise and they have these set up across the country, so definitely worth checking if they are available near you. It’s essentially a fantastic opportunity to meet other mums with tots a similar age, in a more intimate setting than say a bit of polite small talk at your local soft play. It’s hard when you are a new mum, and it can be hard as a London mum to make connections can’t it. You quickly realise that most activities on offer are of course geared up for the kids, so the Mum Club is designed to simply be more about the mums, and their well-being too. I can see it is a fantastic way to meet potentially life long friends, whilst getting to enjoy a variety of different settings, which is also super fun. You’re possibly running in different directions after your kids, but you know where the general “Mum club” area is, and therefore everyone greets you kindly (following the Mum Club ethos, “You can sit with us”- which I love). Also- a super amazing fact,the Mum Club hires baby sitters at every session to play with your kids! How fantastic is that??! Giving you more opportunity to relax and chat, knowing they are being well looked after. This isn’t something LM would embrace just yet, but I watched the ladies playing with the kids, and they were wonderful. I definitely left feeling like my cup had been filled, as well as LM’s, , and that was such a nice feeling.

We also of course loved that we got to try the private members area of the lovely Maggie and Rose club house, and meet the lovely Rose who runs the Mum Club Islington sessions. Having the brunch at a softplay type venue is unusual I should say: they are normally at a lovely restaurant instead. So this was an additional treat! There was also a yummy continental breakfast on offer, and we left with a cute Mum Club goodie bag too, which I can’t wait to show off!

Brunch tickets are around £30 for a 2 hour session (will be less outside of London), which often involves a special informative guest, goodie bag, breakfast, Bubble babysitters on hand to play with or hold your baby, and Mum Club Islington are also starting a Coffee Club event for £20 for a 1.5 hour catch up, for newborns and younger babies, which is totally worth taking a look at, if that applies to you. I felt with everything you have included, brunch with Mum Club Islington would be a wonderful treat, and certainly worth it, for a new mum, for a London mum, for any mum.

Within London, they also have many other groups within places like Walthamstow, Wimbledon, Bromley and Croydon…definitely take a look! If they are anything like Islington, they will be a fantastic Mum Club to be part of.

Thanks for having us Rose and Mum Club Islington: we so look forward to coming back again!

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