What age is The Postal Museum suitable for?


One of the biggest questions I get asked, is “what age is The Postal Museum suitable for?” and “Is it ok to take a smaller child to The Postal Museum?”

Quick answer- The Postal Museum is suitable for everyone of course!

I have taken LM twice now to this gorgeous London family museum in Kings Cross. He was around 15 months the first time, and just over 3 years this time. Both times were perfect occasions: undoubtedly he got a bit more from it on this visit as he was able to engage more with more elements of the museum and understand more things, but he’s enjoyed himself just as much on either visit! It was still absolutely purposeful to take him at 15 months.

So If you have yet to visit The Postal Museum, it’s a real London gem. And if you are still considering what age is The Postal Museum suitable for, I would honestly say literally for a child, or adult, of any age, and definitely not to be put off considering taking a smaller child with you.

Read further for my 6 reasons why!

1) Lots to engage with for any age

Firstly, obviously the Museum itself is full of information and facts that of course an older child can read and engage with. However, there are also many interactive elements for both younger and older children, and LM was able to touch things like the phones, and stand on steps to “write” his postcards! that really helped him engage with The Postal Museum and feel like he was participating. Huge inclusivity win!

2) Perfect space for a child beginning to walk/explore, even if they can’t directly engage with the materials

Like many museums, though it’s a smaller size, it’s a perfect one for a toddler wanting to simply toddle about! We’ve been both on weekends and during the week, and going as early as possible really helps to minimize crowd potential (but I don’t think anyone ever finds The Postal Museum too busy). If anything I think there’s an expectation to see younger kids there: it’s for ALL the family.

3) It’s a great size- perfect for a smaller or a longer visit depending upon your child’s needs.

This time, LM and I spent 2 hours in the Museum, this included the 45 minute Sorted! Play session and Mail Ride, quick peruse in the shop and a sit down in the Cafe, and we didn’t feel like we were rushing. He isn’t going to stop and read all the blurb- you wouldn’t expect a 3 year old to be able to and so, you won’t be able to of course, but that’s what you’d be expecting and still, quite ok! It doesn’t take away from the visit. In essence, you can make your visit as long or as short as you want. It really is a lovely space!

4) Great additions that make it SO suitable for smaller children

You may very likely have heard about The Postal Museum’s infamous Mail Ride which is a really cute experience for any age of child. And a brilliant option is the Sorted! Play room. The perfect space for up to 8 year olds (though I think perhaps up to 6 years is better), you get 45 minutes to let them let off some play needs there, and become mini post people for a while- so cute! (NB: You pay a small bit extra for this option). These are great examples of further perfect options when considering what age is The Postal Museum suitable for.

5) Staff that are geared up to be extra kind to smaller visitors: well, it is a family museum after all!

LM got a lot more interaction than I did- and he enjoyed it! And that makes you feel so comfortable as the parent, that you really are welcome in the space.

6) Toddler or child/teen who are autistic or neurodiverse?

The Postal Museum offer their “Post Early” events, one Monday a month, with times throughout the day, exclusively for autistic and neurodiverse people. See: https://www.postalmuseum.org/event/post-early-relaxed-events/

Round up: The Postal Museum are a family friend member who strive to be as inclusive as possible for little people, and children with support needs. “Any age” is most definitely the right answer to considering what age The Postal Museum is suitable for!

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