Welcome to Loving Living London! A blog developed initially to to share my London loves, then developed into a London mum and baby blog with the arrival of Sonny in 2020!

About me: I’m Clare! I started this blog due to my absolute passion for London: I’ll have been here 17 years this year, and it never gets old. I work as an OT (Occupational therapist) but am also accredited by the British Journalism Training Council (BJTC), following completion of a MA in Radio in 2005. Funny where life takes you eh?!

As a first time mum, I totally understand some of the anxieties and concerns about navigating your new life with a baby/toddler, and managing the complexities of London travel with pram in tow! I’ve also felt it important to maintain my interests in cultural activities in London, as well as exploring child focused activities, and have found many other women feel the same. Hence wanting to still sometimes offer activities that may not be fully child centered, but still appropriate enough for you to take your little one with you (these often focus around art galleries- you’ll find a blog post on some of my faves coming soon!). 

You can contact me on the comments page, by emailing lovinglivinglondon@yahoo.com, or on Instagram @lovinglivinglondon

Thanks for stopping by!

Clare and Sonny

Sonny and Mummy, Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Masons, when Sonny was around 12 weeks old