Welcome to Loving Living London! A blog developed simply to share my London love!

St Lukes Mews 2
Photo taken between Notting Hill and Portobello Road, outside the house featured in the hit movie “Love Actually”! Photo credit to the wonderful Helen Perry, available on Instagram @perryspatch

About me: I’m Clare! I started this blog 3 and a bit years ago, due to my absolute passion for London.  I live in North London, and have been working the last few years as an OT (occupational therapist) but like most people have done different things in my past and am accredited by the British Journalism Training Council (BJTC) following completion of a MA in Radio in 2005.

I was born in London, so returning as a student in 2005 felt like home.  It’s been 16 years this September, 2021, and it never grows old for me: the history, culture, anonymity, diversity, food choices, things to do…all of it! It’s beautiful, its vast and its ever changing.

The blog has had a few stops and starts, and deviations along the way, but its primary focus is to bring you individual London content. “London with a baby” will also be something I’ll be developing once we are out of lockdown once more.

Would love to hear from you on any of the posts and what you think, and particularly to know if you are influenced by anything I’ve shared, that would be really fab to know!

You can contact me on the comments page on here, or by emailing lovinglivinglondon@yahoo.com

Thanks for stopping by,

Clare x