Top 12 tips for a beautiful weekend in Capri

Here are my highlights of our 4 day trip to Capri at the start of July 2019. I visited first in 2014 on a day trip and totally loved it. It was absolutely magical to come back with my boyfriend Ruben for a romantic long weekend away. Capri is the break away or holiday that you dream about: you’re on the most beautiful island, surrounded by water, with Italian food, charm and architecture abound. We went for 4 days and I felt like I had been away for 10! Visit Capri, and i promise you, you’ll be spellbound.

Capri Marina- our first glimpse, July 2019

Here are my top tips to get the most out of your trip:ย 

  1. Book in advance. Capri is a prime destination, therefore the best accommodation will of course go quickly, and go first. Book at least 4-6 months ahead, if you’re looking for the prime summer months to visit. We chose an Air Bnb in AnaCapri and spent 60 Euros a night on our accommodation: our own roomy 1 bed flat, where we could also cook, have proper space to get ready, and eat our breakfast and lunch on the terrace. Additionally, we were allowed to check our late after asking our Air Bnb if this was possible: we think maybe there’s more room for negotiation with Air Bnb’s (depending also on who they have coming next and what day you leave) than hotels regarding late check out? It’s certainly worth considering this and asking, as it’s really helpful if like us you want to make your last day a very long day last to really make the most of your time. We were able to go and swim in the morning and come back and shower at the Air Bnb which was so so helpful.

    Capri 2.jpg
    Our Air BnB, AnaCapri
  2. Consider avoiding July and August completely if you can. It will be busy and of course very hot. We visited at the start of July and that was already hot enough: it was 26 degrees by 5am at times! If you want to be able to walk about, take photos, and relax, consider June or September/October months.
  3. Consider cheaper rates by staying in AnaCapri. Anacapri is only 10 minutes on the bus to Capri Piazza. I timed it! And buses come often. It’s like the quieter, slower sister: maybe without the old town elements, but just as pretty with its own charm, but far less hectic.

    Ana Capri.jpg
    Beautiful bougainvillea flowers in AnaCapri (and fresh lemon granita drink!)
  4. Get the bus from the airport to the port for just 5 Euros each, as opposed to 25-30 Euros in a taxi. The handy thing about Naples airport is, it’s really small and therefore not overwhelming or confusing. When you come out into arrivals, on your left is the information desk area and around this area are a couple of ticket machines for the buses where you can pay by card or cash. You can choose your language. Otherwise, you can get the ticket on the bus! Easy. Ask at the information desk, or simply follow the signs for the “Alibus”. It’s about 200m from the arrivals area.
  5. Unless you’re in a rush consider the shorter speed ferry (the one that allows cars as well as pedestrians). This is because there will be seating available on the upper deck on the longer speed ferry (1 hour 20 in comparison to 45 minutes, not a huge difference anyway) Our tickets, bought on the same for the slower ferry from Naples to Capri was 15 Euro each. Our return which we bought the day before from Capri-Naples was 19 Euros each way for the faster option. Note that the departures of the slow and fast ferries are about 10 minutes walking between them.
  6. Looking to be economical? Choose pizzas and salads over meat and fish. We paid 10-12 Euros for the pizza and salad dishes, whereas meat and fish mains could be 25 Euros upwards. I had the best capreze salad ever! Can you really beat Italy for food even a “basic” like a salad? That was a rhetorical question!
  7. In AnaCapri take the chairlift up Mount Solaro for 12 Euros per adult. The ascent was a bit scary for us, and the arrival at the top a bit unfortunate (but atmospheric) as it happened to be a very cloudy day. It was a very peaceful and lovely thing to do though, and I still celebrate the fact I made it onto the chair lift with heels on!

    Monte Solaro
    Ruben looking slightly unsure!
  8. Take the local buses on the island everywhere. Its 2 Euro a journey if you buy at the ticket offices in the main squares, or 2.50 on the bus. The buses offer beautiful views of the island and are hilarious when they are crammed! Oh and if they are crammed, do as you would in London and place your rucksack between your legs ๐Ÿ™‚ The alternative is to consider renting your own moped for 55 Euros per day, or taxis (which would be fun, but quite pricey).
  9. Swim at the Blue Grotto. It’s all rocks, so bit tricky to sunbathe, but coming from a non swimmer, this is one of the nicest things I did! The water was so warm. I also loved the little cafe there. It as a gorgeous and easy bus ride from AnaCapri too.Blue Grotto
  10. Rent a boat! We had the time of our lives pretending our little rented boat was a yacht! Choose to go no later than 10.30am to avoid mixing with the bigger boats- the waves are really hard to navigate and the bouncing can honestly be painful. if you can’t do first thing, opt for a late afternoon time, like post 4pm. We paid 60 Euros for a 2 hour hire, and 35 Euros for petrol. We could have stayed longer, but were finding it increasingly difficult to manage with the bigger boats! Turning off the engine and jumping off of your boat is loads of fun- (unless you’re a scaredy cat like me)ruben.jpg
  11. People watch at Capri Piazza, maybe avoiding Saturday night of prime months if you can? Only because it’s a bit like Piccadilly Circus, you have to love it if you’re there anyway, but it’s a little bit hectic! We absolutely loved the people watching and also ate at a really nice restaurant called Pizzareia Ristorante Longano da Tarantino. It had really nice views, food, and lovely staff.ย thumbnail_Attachment-1.jpg
  12. Head to the Faro Light House. You can get cocktails here,ย  and chill out to DJ music should you fancy. Visit Capri recommend it for taking in a cocktail as the sun sets. Well it’s reachable by bus, as the rest of Capri limited sunbathing area but beautiful warm water, and definitely a romantic and peaceful location. One to sit, sip, and take the views in.ย Fao
  13. Enjoy the Capri Marina to stroll along and/or see the last of the sun. I honestly get a tummy flip when I see photos of the Marina. It was hustle bustle at 3pm Friday when we arrived, but surpringly tranquil at other times: you just have to remember that at weekends day trippers from Naples are coming, so expect to see waves of boats and people around here. The Marina has a little beach, all the info regarding boat hire, and ticket offices selling your return fares back to Naples. The sun was still going strong at 6pm. We made the most of this time to chill and see the last of the sun and enjoy the last of the water. Capri 7.jpg
Capri marina.jpg
One of the only few ones of us both on our favourite weekend away ๐Ÿ™‚


Capri is one of my dream, must visit destinations! If we got up at 3.30am in London, we arrived to the Air Bnb around 3.30pm, so it’s a bit more of an effort, but only a bit and so worth the result! If you’ve been, are you in as much love as I am? And do let me know if these tips were useful, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Clare x

4 thoughts on “Top 12 tips for a beautiful weekend in Capri

  1. Tip 8 is great. We think using public transport is a perfect way to really experience the city and its people. Thanks for sharing these with us and keep up the great content.

    1. thank you guys so much! Love your site xx

  2. Great tips and great photos. I love that part of Italy, really beautiful and the food’s fantastic.

    You didn’t mention that the roads are crazy! I have never been so scared as driving along that part of the coast!

    1. Haha- this is true! We didn’t drive ourselves, we took the buses but some of the roads were so tight!! Good fun wasn’t it ๐Ÿ˜€

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